48 Counties

48 miles in 48 Counties

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The task is immense, to ride 48 miles in every one of the 48 counties in England. It came about from a love of cycling and it seems to us that we are constantly cycling down the same lanes seeing the same sights. Our country is varied and beautiful and needs to be seen, not from a speeding car but from the freedom and fun of a cycle. We hope to link up with fellow minded cyclists and in doing so, bring about some good by encouraging donations to a chosen charity. We hope we can do this all in 48 months, only time will tell but however long it takes it will be fun all the way!


We have chosen to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society as we have been touched by the impact of this illness. Donate and help wipe it out forever.


Below you can find a list of all the Counties, ordered alphabetically. As we complete the rides, the options below will become available to view. In each County you will be able to find the ride map along with photos and videos from the day.